Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Naked Man(nequin)

The other day I went to eat my lunch and found a bunch of important people using the break room as a makeshift conference room.  There really isn't anywhere else to eat so they moved some papers around and cleared a little space for me to sit at. 

Due to the overcrowded machsanim and limited storage space they've been keeping some of the extra mannequins in the break room. Luckily for me, the place that they cleared off just so happened to be right next to a group of mannequins. 

I sat in my little corner trying to be as inconspicuous and unobtrusive as my new friends while eating my lunch and eavesdropping on the super secret meeting taking place in front of me. Things were going fine until someone sent me a particularly amusing text and I started laughing.

One thing lead to another and I accidentally inhaled part of my lunch and started choking. I caused a bit of a commotion and the meeting was temporarily interrupted while everyone turned to stare at me. 

I sat next to the naked mannequins with tears streaming down my face as I coughed away, attempting to (not so) discreetly dislodge the piece of meatball stuck in my throat. Someone thoughtfully handed me a cup of water which I promptly spilled on a mannequin before managing to get myself under control.  The rest of my lunch passed without any incidents and the meeting resumed.

The next day I arrived to find that the mannequins had been removed from the break room to prevent further damage, since someone had seemingly spilled water on one of them. I hear that they still haven't caught the culprit...

Later that day I discovered that the mannequins had been relegated to the machsan where they stood creepily in the shadows and watched my every move.

Thankfully this was my last week working in Azrielie so the mannequins will have to find someone else to bother.

I'd like to say that things will be going back to normal but I have a feeling that we're just getting started....

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