Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Wine Festival

Last night my family attended the annual wine festival at the Israel Museum. There were lots of wines to taste so we split up into two groups to make sure we covered all of them. The Crazy Lady and The Mad Man started at the top of the festival while Timmy, Z and I headed to the end and worked our way back to the front.
Tabor's Adama II series was exceptionally good, with the Lehava being my personal favorite.
 Tishbi also had some nice wines to offer but their free chocolates really helped them stand out from the crowd. I enjoyed their 70% chocolate so much that the girl handing out the samples eventually stopped handing them to me leaving me no choice but to send in delegates. In my defense, they weren't very big pieces of chocolate...
When we felt that we had tasted most of the wines, we found The Parentals and conferred on our favorites.
Second (and some third) rounds were made and we re-tasted our favorites. After our last round some of us were feeling tipsier than others and the designated driver (The Crazy Lady) decided that it was time to head home.

Boy am I glad that I'm working a night shift...

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