Sunday, February 21, 2016

Birthday Dinners And A Cacophony Of Germs

Last week was an exciting week full of birthdays and celebratory dinners. Family members began to trickle in from all over the country on Wednesday evening.

Thursday night we gathered in a new restaurant for a tasty and festive dinner celebrating my grandfather and mothers birthdays which are only a few days apart. We ate, sang and made merry before dispersing to our respective lodgings.

My school finally put up the list of hospital placements for this coming semester. I managed to nab a spot in the hospital that Freddie works at so it looks like I'll be spending a lot more time with The Freddie's in Petach Tikvah.

Freddie and The Munchkins stayed over at the Sun-house and we spent Friday morning running some errands. We went to the mall where I bought a brand new pair of white sneakers to wear for my clinical hours in the hospital.

Shabbos was fun. Apparently, 'tis the season for coughing and sneezing. The family had gathered for a fun filled weekend and so had all of their germs. By Friday night most of us were downing chicken soup with fervor hoping it would cure our various ailments.

We took turns using the netipot before lunch and drank lots of tea throughout the day. Despite our sniveling noses the weather was surprisingly pleasant and The Munchkins decided that a visit to the park was in order. The park brigade was assembled and  made their way to the yellow park armed with snacks and drinks.

After shabbos we packed up and headed out, leaving The Crazy Lady and The Mad Man to ward of the cesspool of germs that we had brought to them. They had somehow managed to remain uncontaminated throughout the weekend. I wish them well and hope that they stay that way.

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