Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A Losing Battle

This morning got off to a great start. The sun was shining, I got a ride to school and despite the bleak forecast there wasn't a rain cloud in sight. I grabbed an extra sweater to wear under my fleece along with my umbrella (just in case the ominous forecast turned out to be right) and headed up to the university.

It rained on and off throughout the day but the sun continued to shine in between showers. My classes happened to end just as the rain was letting up and I managed to avoid having to take out my umbrella. 

My luck however, came to an abrupt end when the skies opened just as I was about to head home during my two hour break. Disheartened by the thought of battling my way home and back again for my next class, I sought refuge in my friends caravan. 

Two hours later, the weather situation hadn't improved much. My friend and I made a run for it and got to class relatively dry. All through class we listened to the wind howling outside while the rain pounded against the windows.

Eventually class ended and it was time to face the inevitable. I was going to have to face the rains. My friend gave me a warm thick sweater to help keep me somewhat dry and then sent me on my way. 

I began my journey armed with three layers of sweaters and a mostly functional umbrella. By the time I had made it off campus and near the bus stop I was already struggling with my umbrella. This should have been a sign to stop and wait for a bus or to try and catch a ride. But I stubbornly decided to press onward, fully convinced that my flimsy umbrella would protect me.

As I was standing at the cross walk battling with my umbrella, I failed to notice the massive puddle at the edge of the crosswalk. A car drove past the crosswalk and sprayed the entire contents of the puddle all over me. Effectively drenching me from head to toe in the frigid water.

After getting over the initial shock, I crossed the street and stopped to asses the situation. I was cold, soaking wet, my umbrella was proving itself to be incredibly inefficient and exceptionally unhelpful. Just as I was sure that things couldn't possibly get much worse, a gust of wind almost pulled the umbrella right out of my hand.

I held fast to my flimsy umbrella as I attempted to make my way down the mountain side. Rain and wind whipped wildly around me. Standing on the side of the mountain wielding my sad excuse for an umbrella and looking rather disheveled, I lost my battle. The top of my umbrella gave way and was carried off the side of the mountain by the wind. 
What was left of my poor umbrella.
With nothing more to lose I waddled home as fast as I could in my wet socks and underwear.

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