Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Furry Crocs

Ariel's resident badass checking in.

Today I ditched school to hang out in the "merkaz". I took my imaginary motorcycle to get there but forgot my super cool leather jacket at home, which was unfortunate as it started raining while I was out.  Luckily I had an umbrella with me that I ended up sharing with a little old russian lady while we waited for the bus (like I'm assuming all badasses do).

A couple of days ago I noticed a blister beginning to form on the back of my heel. I tried to keep it clean and wear thick socks to prevent it from developing any further but it had a mind of its own and kept getting worse.

Yesterday it got pretty bad, I had a rough time hobbling from school and was extremely relieved when I finally made it and got my shoes off. As per usual, I took a picture of the disgusting wound and thoughtfully sent it around to a select group of lucky individuals.

The general consensus was, "that looks gross and infected, go to the doctor.", "you should put something on that" and the classic "Please never send me pictures ever again.". I didn't have any antibiotic cream or disinfectants to put on it but I did have a bottle of whiskey stashed away for a special occasion.

I deemed having an infectious wound on my heel as a "special occasion" and broke out the whiskey. Some for me and some for my foot. I don't know that it did much for my foot but I slept well.

This morning I embarked on an adventure to discover the center of Ariel and with any luck, find the doctors office. I successfully made it thanks to my navigator (a.k.a. Lorbles) and sat down outside the doctors office to wait.

A big burly man opened the door to the doctors office and ushered me inside. I explained that I had a bit of a blister on my heel and he said "let's take a look..!". I took off my shoe and proudly stuck out my foot for examination. He took a look and said "That's quite an infection you have there! Let's get you on some antibiotics...".

We chatted about this and that while he wrote out my prescriptions and he was excited to hear that I'm studying nursing.  He handed over the papers and then told me that I would need to do something about my shoes until the blister healed. Then he explained how to get to the shoe store that's right next to the pharmacy where they sell knockoff crocs for a whopping 20 shek.

I nodded (unenthusiastic about the prospect of wearing crocs) and thanked him. He eyed me suspiciously and promised me that they were great shoes. They even have ones with fur inside! He knows because he bought a pair and he loves to wear them as slippers around the house.

The thought of the big burly man wandering around in furry crocs was pretty entertaining. I promised I would check them out and then bid him farewell. The nurse stuck a band aid on my heel and I left to find the pharmacy (that's right next to the store that I did not buy crocs in).

Once again my navigator got me to the right place and I got the prescriptions filled. Made a quick stop at the spice store and then headed to the bus stop where I found the little old Russian lady getting rained on.

It's raining and thundering outside and since I already have a doctors note I decided to ditch the rest of my classes. I don't know why, but rain always makes crave freshly baked chocolate chip cookies so that will probably happen at some point today. I'll try to avoid "tasting" as many as I did last time...

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