Monday, April 28, 2014

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Its been a week since the worlds biggest matzah mysteriously disappeared from outside of my store.

Since then things have been pretty much same as usual. Lots of eating, working and being bored.
Monday was chag and we once again feasted on an array of delectable foods and drank more wine.
On Tuesday I had "vacation" and many good intentions. My plans didn't really pan out since I was feeling particularly lazy and everything seemed to be awfully far away.

Wednesday and Thursday I went to work which was boring and uneventful.

The Freddies came for shabbos and Lori&co walked over to join us for a delicious lunch and a rousing game of settlers. After lunch and settlers the Freddies, Lori&co, The Mad Man, Oscar and I all went to the park on top of the hill. Oscar declared himself king of the playground and insisted on running around with the munchkins, slides and all. He seemed particularly interested in snack time but was dismayed to discover that he would not be participating.

The Mad Man took Oscar home and then the rest of us went to visit S&S for a bit. Lori had made Indian style chicken for Friday night dinner and I wanted to try some so I tagged along with them while the Freddies went home.

Yesterday was work as usual, it was pretty quiet and uneventful.

Today I had another day off and went to S&S to help them reorganize some cabinets. We unearthed loads of toys from my childhood and I spent most of the time playing with them and reminiscing about the good old days. I also put them away in what I hope is a somewhat organized manner.

Over all a pretty successful day... :)

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