Friday, June 20, 2014

Harassing Security Gaurds

Wow. Friday already? How did that happen? I guess time really flies when your coworkers think that work is optional and your the only one that agrees to cover their shifts. On the bright side, more hours equals a nicer paycheck so I'm not too broken up about it... It does however make it hard to keep up with my blogging, and I'm sure you're all just dying to hear about my overwhelmingly exciting week!

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning were work work work. On Wednesday night we congregated in the store to mark down the prices of a goodly amount of the merchandise in the store. The giant sticker machine proved to be moody and temperamental. Wresting the sheets of stickers from the depths of the machine was harder than anyone had anticipated but after putting up a struggle we prevailed and emerged victorious into the store, faces beaming and arms in the air.

The stragglers (customers that come in ten minutes before closing time to "have a look" and not actually buy anything) in the store looked confused as we shared our heroic tales which were met with cheers by our manager (who was already familiar with machines temperament and understood the meaning of our success). After chasing the disconcerted stragglers from the store and closing the gate, the real party started. Food came out, music blared from the speakers and we went wild with our sticker sheets.

At around midnight someone decided that karaoke was in order and gave up her sticker sheets for the stores PA microphone. It was loud and awful but she certainly looked like she was having fun, until the manager chased her off the counter and turned the PA system off.

We stickered on until the manager called us to a halt at 1:30am and declared that it was time to pack up and go home. Everything seemed to be going fine until we realized that we were locked in the mall and didn't have the number for security. We checked all of the doors and tried yelling for help but to no avail. We were standing by the elevators when they suddenly started to move. After ascertaining that none of us had pushed the button, people began to panic.

Moments later the elevator arrived and the doors slid open to reveal an exceptionally irritated and disheveled looking man. One of the girls shrieked in his face. The man was not amused. After apologizing for the somewhat uncalled for welcome, the manager asked the security guard how we were supposed to get out. The disgruntled security guard walked over to the door and nonchalantly waved his card at it. A little green light came on and he told us to close the door behind us. Two cabs were waiting for us in the parking lot and we made it home without any further problems.

On Thursday morning I slept in a little and then made my way to work, coffee in hand. The big sale banners garnered the attention of our cities stingy inhabitants and we had busy but successful day. During my break I walked up to the computer store and picked up my shiny new laptop (courtesy of my loving and generous saba and savta!!). L&Z had brought Buzzy to the mall to run free and we all went to visit S&S when my shift was over where Savta taught Lori and I the proper way to make kasha.

Today has been full of cooking and cleaning (and stealing delicacies from the kitchen). The food smells (and tastes :P) amazing and I can't wait to spend the weekend catching up on some much needed sleep...!

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