Thursday, August 14, 2014

Sacrificial Offerings

The summer heat seems to be getting to the inhabitants of this sunny city. The mere mention of a sale sends them into a ferocious frenzy of flying shirts and hangers. 

Here's what happened about five minutes after I refolded all of the shirts on the table...
They're even striping the mannequins! They would have taken the pants too but couldn't figure out how to get them off (the shorts were around his ankles when I found him)....

Honestly its pretty terrifying. It's like they're preparing for some sort of imminent disaster but instead of buying food and water they MUST have ALL the clothing. 

Maybe we offended some supernatural being or the god of sales and the only way to appease it is to buy all of the clothes on sale and use them as a sacrificial offering. 

Whatever the reason is, the store is making money which means I get to work extra hours. Wooo!

Next week should be a little less on the crazy side. Although I suppose that depends on whether or not the sacrificial offering works.... 

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