Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Potato Fiasco

Last weekend I went to my friend Em's house for shabbos. She wanted me to have plenty of food to eat so when she placed her supermarket order online she made sure to get me my favorite vegetable, potatoes.

Not being a huge fan of potatoes herself, she was unsure of how many to get and settled for a generous 3 kilo. The supermarket got the order wrong and accidentally sent her 17 kilo of potatoes.

It didn't take long for her to notice that they had sent a few to many kilos and she called to have them come pick up the extra potatoes and to refund her money.

The supermarket was uninterested in picking up the potatoes but offered to give her a good deal on the extra produce. Tired and anxious Em agreed to the deal and ended up paying a whopping 50 shekel for all of the potatoes.

When I arrived at her apartment on Friday afternoon bags of potatoes decorated every surface in her kitchen. Every shabbos she makes extra challah to give out to her neighbors in her building. We went around the building and handed out challah and bags of potatoes to her slightly confused neighbors.

The menu was heavily focused around potatoes but even with the amount of potatoes we consumed, there were plenty left over.

I'm not sure if she ever finished the rest of the potatoes but I don't think she'll be ordering more of them any time soon...

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