Saturday, March 22, 2014

I Wanna Say, Larry?

Last week was rather uneventful. In a surprising turn of events I spent Monday (my day off) doing laundry and attempting to somewhat straighten things up.

Work was pretty boring and sadly there were no shoplifting grandmas.....
On Friday gods countenance shined down on me and despite the fact that I had the shortest shift I made the most sales and got the receipt of my biggest sale yet (over 1000 shekel) hung up on the cork board to help inspire the other employees. (OK so anyone that makes a sale over 1000 shekel gets there receipt hung up but I still feel pretty dang awesome..).

Shabbos was quiet but fun. After lunch today I played settlers and banana grams with The Crazy Lady and Frank before heading over to Lorble's place. The apartment was bursting with people and fun. Eventually the people trickled out and we hung out until shabbos ended. After havdalah I walked home and made some pizza. Now we're hangin out eating pizza and having a dance party courtesy of Frank's mad DJing skills.

Thanks to the managers over hiring and the fact that americans are incredibly cheap and stingy, shifts are a tad sparse. I have off tomorrow and Monday, I wonder what kind of shenanigans I'll manage to get myself into... :)

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