Monday, March 17, 2014

People Smell Better Than Raindeer

Yesterday we went to the Freddie's to celebrate The Little Munchkins birthday in the form of our Purim seuda.
Buzzy Bees
Freddie made an amazing spread and I ate way more than I should have. For dessert The Little Munchkin was presented with her chocolaty and delicious birthday cake.

After the meal we sat around schmoozing and boozing until it was time to go home. 
Frank and I tried to hitch a ride home with the Nemdy's but ended up getting kidnapped for an impromptu movie night and general debauchery. Good times were had by all before Frank and I decided that it was time to make our way home. 

Today I have off from work and I'm still debating what course of action to take. My room closely resembles the remnants of devastating war zone in the post apocalyptic era. 
Perhaps I shall consider cleaning it (or at least find a bottle of air freshener)....

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