Thursday, January 16, 2014

Keeping It Classy

Dinner conversations are a tricky subject in my house. My father does his best to keep the topics as cultured as possible but I fear that he is fighting a losing battle.

Tonight's conversation was inadvertently derailed when I accidentally swallowed a fish bone. During the brief brake in conversation,the topic somehow shifted to Frank's toe wart which he was proudly attempting to show off as someone let out an impressive burp (which obviously led to a burping contest).

My father, now resigned to his fate, lifted his arms to the heavens and cried out "why can't my children be refined and dignified?". His question was answered by The Dibble's winning burp which he did not seem to be overly impressed by.

Dinner officially came to an end when an impromptu pillow/oven mitt fight broke out in the living room.

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