Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Last night was erev christmas. We had a little get together to celebrate the occasion, mainly because we love a reason to party.

I'd never had eggnog before but thought that it might be fun to try. I soon discovered that I wasn't the only one that had never tried the festive beverage so Lori and I whipped up a big batch for everyone to taste. It was super fluffy and sweet, sort of like melted ice cream but with a weird aftertaste.
Personally, I'm not a fan.

The rest of the family more or less shared my feelings on the subject except for my father who happily sipped away at his glass.

Today was my parents 30th anniversary. I made a fancy sign for the occasion with the help of one of my furry friends. I use the term 'help' loosely as the cat spent a majority of the time trying to eat the crayons and batting around bits of paper.
When your cat is eating crayons, stop and take a picture before trying to wrestle it out of their mouth.
Lori&co came to help us celebrate the joyous occasion and in typical jew fashion, we had a chinese style dinner. Chicken and broccoli stirfry and a meat dish which I've named beefN'chickpeas (mainly due to the fact that it contains both beef and chickpeas and partially because I forgot the actual name) with a brownie and chocolate chip cookie creation (courtesy of Lorbles) for desert.
It may seem like my father is wearing the exact outfit that he was wearing last night but if you look really closely you'll note that his button down shirt is a different color. Do not be concerned by the knife (which was used to cut the cake) or empty wine bottle, it was like that when we found it.....
Merry anniversary to my wonderful parents on this joyous occasion. May the next 30 years be as full of furry creatures and happy times as the last.

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