Monday, December 16, 2013

Alarming Dinners

Z's class got cancelled today due to the aftermath of the storm. I was debating whether or not I should go to Lori's for our weekly date night when she called with a brilliant suggestion, bring the party to my house.
We quickly came up with a game plan for dinner and then told The Crazy Lady that she was off the hook for the night.

I did my best to distract The Crazy Lady until Lori and her entourage arrived with the goods.
We set up the indoor grill (grate thing) and got down to business! Unfortunately we forgot how smokey the grate gets when you try and grill on it.

We opened all of the windows and tried to air the place out but the smoke alarm was overeager to join in the fun. Halfway through the burgers we heard its shrill call from upstairs. Someone eventually managed to get the battery out and we resumed our grilling.
Frank's mad photography skillz.
Shark Bait, HOOHAHA!
Dinner was beyond delicious. I think that everyone enjoyed.. :)
I made some chocolate chip cookies bars for dessert because no meal is over until you feel like you're gonna explode.

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