Sunday, December 8, 2013

Living In Alaska

Last week was more or less uneventful, which definitely contributed to my disinclination to blog.
I consumed far too many deep fried foods, felt sick and lit lots of candles. I recall a conversation wherein I tried to convince my little brother that Kentucky is not a country. I'm not sure that he believes me but at least I tried.

I hung out at the Freddies for a few days which was really nice. The Little Munchkin and I went on an adventure to the park and made some nice artwork. 
We had a bunch of yeshiva guys over for shabbos. My father was ecstatic at the opportunity to impart his wisdom unto their impressionable young minds. The boys seemed happy to indulge him in return for drinks and snacks.

After shabbat lunch I was debating whether or not I should walk up the hill to visit Lorbles. I decided to take a snack and wait for a sign. Just as I was finishing my brownie,there was a knock at the door and Lorbles strolled in with her entourage in tow.

We hung out for a while but Buzzy wasn't in the mood to be inside so we decided to walk back to their side of town. We made a stop at the park on the way home and let Buzzy and Z run rampant. By the time we got back inside, shabbos was almost over. We ate cookies until it was time for havdalah.

After havdalah I raided Lorbles fridge for some dinner while Z washed the dishes. We somehow managed to get Buzzy into pajamas (how many adults does it take to get a 20 month-old into pajamas? Apparently three...) and then Z whisked the monster away to put him to sleep while Lorbles and I watched a movie tended to some very important business.
The cold and rainy weather is still going strong and I'm loving it. The only problem with rainy weather is that it makes me even lazier than normal. All I want to do is hide under my fuzzy blankets and watch TV or even just stare at the ceiling. Pretty much anything but study.

So far I spent a majority of my day studying the plants outside my window and watching a spider build a web in the corner of my room. I doubt that either of these skills will come in handy on the phsycometri but I suppose you never know.

I've kind of always wanted to go to Alaska but thanks to the weather, I can experience the freezing temperatures from the comfort of my own room! At some point in the afternoon, my fingers were so cold that I couldn't hold my pencil anymore. I took it as a sign that I should stop "studying" and go downstairs to make some soup.

I came downstairs to find my father unknowingly about to spread some leftover tinted frosting on his lunch thinking that it was chumus. My mother came to his rescue and showed him where the chumus was. 
I was making my soup and feeling rather smug about not having tried to put frosting on my lunch when my father kindly reminded me that my AC was also my heater.

I left my soup on low and returned to my tower to glare at my AC/heater with the utmost contempt. 
Now I'm sitting downstairs and trying to enjoy some of my nice warm soup.

Mr. Cat was carrying around his toy and begging for someone to play catch with him. I made the mistake of throwing it for him once and now he thinks that we're best friends. I accidentally threw it under the couch and sort of hoped that it would end things. It did not. He somehow managed to wrest it from the depths under the couch and is now sitting on the table staring at me with his big eyes from behind my laptop with the cursed toy hanging from his mouth. 

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