Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Old Man Who May (Or May Not) Have Been Drowning

Today I went to the beach with my friend Sea. It was kind of chilly out but really nice in the sun so we sat on a sheet and had a picnic lunch while enjoying the view.
When we were done eating we decided to brave the water for a bit.
Unsurprisingly it was pretty darn cold so our frolic ended pretty quickly. Apparently we weren't the only ones who decided to brave the water, a rather elderly gentleman made his way into the frigid waters to go for a swim.
He seemed to know what he was doing so we decided to let him to do his own thing. About twenty minutes later I turned around and noticed that he was laying on his stomach with his head in the water while flailing about rather exuberantly. I assumed that he was drowning and began to debate how we should go about getting him out of the water. Just as we had succumbed to the fact that we would most likely have to go into the water to fetch him, he picked his head up and sat up as if nothing had happened.

Confused and still slightly panicked we watched him repeat the process several times until he was done and began to crawl back to shore on his hands and knees with a big smile of his face.

At this point he had attracted a bit of a crowd and we all stood around with bewildered expressions on our faces as we attempted to make sense of the situation. When he got close enough to the shore two people helped him stand up. He thanked them for their help, shuffled over to his clothes, got dressed and then made his way off of the beach and on to his next adventure leaving the rest of us to figure out what exactly we had just witnessed.

Sea and I decided that we had had enough of the beach for one day so we packed up and headed off to find a bus. While we were scouring the street for a bus stop, someone asked us for directions to the azrieli shopping center. We pointed them in the general direction and then decided that we wanted to go to the azrieli center as well. After a quick consultation with google maps we began our trek across the city for no particular reason other than "it seemed like a good idea at the time".

The walk was actually quite nice and we made it to the mall in about half an hour. I bought my train ticket and then we wandered about until it was time for me to go. The train ride was quiet and I made it home just as Lori and The Crazy Lady were putting the finishing touches on a very delicious dinner.

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