Sunday, February 16, 2014

Wax On, Wax Off.

 Today ended up being infinitely more amusing than I had originally anticipated. The fun started when Frank (who was home from school with gastroenteritis) inadvertently discovered that the apricot jam in the fridge was spoiled. Luckily, he noticed that it was spoiled before spreading a generous layer of it on his toast.

Z was called up for miluim and headed out to some far off base for the week at around noon. It was looking kind of gloomy out and for some unknown reason I couldn't stop thinking about peanut butter cookies. After multiple attempts to ward off my cravings, I caved and whipped up a batch of delicious cookies.

Lorbles and Buzzy were bored so Frank and I packed up what was left of the cookies and headed out to visit them. It was raining outside so we sat around and talked about the high price of furniture and rugs, and fire insurance for lady bugs until we started to get a bit restless.

Frank heroically volunteered to undergo an impromptu waxing appointment for our amusement.  Lori heated up the wax and then we spent the next hour ripping the hairs out of Franks chest.
By the time we were done waxing it was almost time for dinner.  The Crazy Lady called and graciously offered to pick us all up and bring us home for dinner. We got ourselves ready to face the outdoors and then sat to wait for The Crazy Lady's arrival.

Meanwhile at the Fambily house, all hell broke loose. The Crazy Lady was putting some chicken soup up for dinner while Frankie watched from the chalavi counter top. Everything was going fine until Frankie decided to investigate just as Oscar came into the kitchen in hopes of finding some snacks. Frankie panicked as the dog entered the room and made for the stove top in an attempt to avoid him. The Crazy Lady let out a shriek and reached to turn off the fire just as Frankie got a little to close for comfort. The fire was shut before too much damage was done and the cat made it out with only a bit of singed fur. The stench of singed fur lingered in the air as The Crazy Lady regained her composure and remembered that she was supposed to be picking us up for dinner.

Minutes later The Crazy Lady pulled up to the building and we piled into the car. Dinner was delightful and now we're hanging out and watching some Fairly Odd Parents. Buzzy seems to be getting pretty tired and come to think of it, so am I.....

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