Sunday, July 27, 2014

Shakes, Sandwiches And Apartment Hunting.

Time sure does fly by when you're busy...

Last Wednesday we had markdowns at the store again. The managers surprised us with a new blender and sandwich maker which were promptly plugged in by the cash registers and put to use. I did not partake in the eating portion of the evening since it mostly involved things that I don't eat... 
Seemed like a fire hazard to me....
Shakes for everyone (except me :P)!!
Last week I began the arduous task of trying to find a place to live for the next year. The Crazy Lady was kind enough to shuttle me back and forth between the cities in search of the perfect place. 

There were many ups and downs, not to mention a plethora of scuzzy looking places, but we finally managed to find a nice place. A sweet older couple turned part of their house into a place for their son who lived there for two years before deciding to move to Tel Aviv. 

Since they were building it for their kid they really put a lot of effort into it and made it really nice. It comes with an electric stove top, fridge, microwave, washer and built in cabinets for storage. It's only a 20-30 minute walk to school and has a bus stop right outside for when I feel like being lazy. 

Due to the whole "situation" they cut back on hours at work for security reasons (and because during a war buying overpriced clothes isn't really a top priority for most people...). We got two shifts per person and are on standby in the unlikely event that there's a sudden influx of eager shoppers. 

I don't really have anything exciting planned... Anyone up for an impromptu trip to IKEA? ;) 

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