Sunday, July 13, 2014

Welcome Home Dinners And Sirens

I spent the day preparing for The Mad Man and The Crazy Lady's highly anticipated arrival. We cooked and cleaned and then cleaned some more.

We made an "indoor" BBQ on our cast iron skillet. The food was delicious but produced a lot more smoke than originally anticipated. The smoke alarm went off and we opened all of the doors and windows. By the time our guests of honor arrived the smoke had mostly dissipated.
Doesn't it look so fancy?
We sat down for dinner and were chowing down on our burgers when the now familiar siren began to wail. Lori and I shoved the food into the oven for safekeeping (mostly from the cats) while the rest of the family ran downstairs. Once the food was safe we went to join the rest of the family in the bomb shelter.

The siren ended and we spent the next ten minutes reminiscing about earlier sirens and assuring my parents that we were going to be fine. When enough time had passed we went back upstairs ad resumed our dinner.

After dinner we waited as the parentals unpacked their suitcases and gave us our presents. Buzzy was super overtired so Lori&co headed home, the party died down soon after.

I think everyone is tired from their busy busy days. Hopefully tonight will be quiet and we can all catch up on some much needed sleep!!

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