Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Taking Snacks From Kids

Having the parentals at home has been fun. I no longer have to worry about cleaning up cat barf/pee, washing dishes, making dinner or making food magically appear in the refrigerator.

Oscar was picked up from his doggy vacation Monday afternoon and Frank returned from his cruise ship adventures early this morning (with plenty of stories and dirty laundry in tow). The house sure is starting to fill up again!

Monday was a quiet, siren free day. Last night there was a siren while I was at work, the iron dome intercepted 4 rockets and my manager refrained from going on any shoplifting sprees. Aside from the siren, work was exceptionally boring. The (almost) nightly sirens sure have put a damper on business....

Some little kid opened a bag of 'extra crunch' chips while her mom was looking around the store. She said that I looked hungry and gave me a handful of chips. I was actually feeling quite peckish so I gratefully excepted her offer, only feeling mildly guilty of taking a little kids food.

Today I start work at noon so I'm spending my morning lazing about and thinking of all of the productive things that I could but most probably won't do.

Here's to hoping for another quiet siren free day!

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