Friday, October 11, 2013

Galavanting In Galway

For Fridays adventure we decided to drive up to Galway. We drove through the beautiful scenery of The Burren for about forty minutes before coming to a sign saying "Corkscrew Hill". It wasn't hard to  see where the name had originated from as we made our way down the sharp curves of the mountain. Despite the intense curves and my mothers fear of heights, everything seemed to be going smoothly. As we rounded one of the curves we saw a sign warning us that the edge of the road was unstable. Thankfully it was a one way street and there wouldn't be anyone coming from the opposite direction, right? Wrong!
The man in the car coming at us smiled reassuringly and after a slight panic we were somehow able to pass him and escape unscathed. 
We made it to Galway alive and found a place to park the car.

As I mentioned in one of my earlier posts, a lot of the National museums in Ireland have free admission. The museums are a great way to learn about the city that you're in and about the country in general. We found the museum and spent an hour or so looking at the exhibits. After the museum we walked into the town and walked around for a while.

It was a Friday afternoon and there was lots to do for Shabbos so we decided to head back to Doolin before it started getting late.
We made a quick stop at the Galway Bay on our way to pick up the car.

There was a nice big Supervalu in Galway, we stopped to pick up some veggies and stuff for Shabbos and then drove back up Corkscrew Hill and on to Doolin.
Back at our cottage we started to get stuff ready to go in the oven. I found some ground almonds in the store and made a batch of snickerdoodle cookies for dessert. The oven was slightly uncooperative and some of the cookies were a tad under baked while others managed to get slightly overdone but they tasted good anyways. 
We set the table with our best dishes (plastic kid plates from Ikea and foil tin-pan bowls) and got ready to enjoy a relaxing Shabbos. 

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