Thursday, October 3, 2013

When It Rains, It Pours.

We woke up this morning to a torrential downpour. We ate breakfast while debating what to do with our day.
Museums won the debate, we got our things together and hurried outside when we noticed a break in the rain. The break didn't last long and the rain returned in a steady drizzle. We got into town and tried to find the signs that we had followed yesterday, we wandered in circles as the rain became more and more persistent.
It was raining pretty hard and we were dripping wet, we found a little tourist shop and decided to take cover. There was a display of umbrellas at the front of the store, we each grabbed one and paid while waiting for the rain to let up.
After a couple of minutes we decided to make a run for it, we opened our umbrellas and headed back out into the rain. As luck would have it, there was a sign just across the street pointing in the direction that we wanted to go.
We followed the signs and found the national art museum. It turns out the national museums are all admission free so we decided to visit the museum of archaeology&history as well as the art museum.
The archaeology&history museum had lots of really cool exhibits, my favorite was the "Vikings Of Ireland" where I got to meet an actual viking!
Not a very lively fellow...
We also saw some of their swords and axes.

The medieval exhibit was pretty cool as well.
The museum was nice and warm, we had pretty much managed to dry off by the time we left. The rain had let up and the sun came put of hiding. We headed back to the apartment to eat some lunch and rest up.     
After we were fed and rested we decided to check out the Old Jameson Distillery.
The tour started with a cute movie about the distillery. Next, the tour guide led us through the steps of how they make the whiskey. 
Last but not least, came the whiskey tasting. The Crazy Lady and I both enjoyed that last part immensely. :)
The whiskey kept us warm as we made our way back to our apartment for dinner. 
Tomorrow we pick up our rental car and head to Blarney. 

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