Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Minor Mishaps

The magical packing fairy proved to be a no show so I was forced to get the job done by myself. It didn't really take very long and I wondered why I didn't just do it the first night that I took the suitcase out.
Packing was done so I made some granola bars and cookies to take on the flight with us.
Our flight was called for 5am, at 11 I decided that it was time to get some shut eye so that I would be semi-alive for the flight.
Wake up time came a few hours later, we were in the car and on our way to the airport by 2am. We arrived at the airport and attempted to find the check in desk for Swiss Airlines, here's where things got interesting.... The lady at security waved us through and sent us straight to the desk to wait behind the mob that had already gathered there, without checking our passports.
It seemed kinda weird to us so we started asking around trying to figure out why there was no security and what had caused the mob of angry people in front of us. It turns out that there was no security because there was no flight, that sure explained the angry mob.
The airline was doing there best to reroute everyone but it was taking a while and people were getting antsy. We finally made it to the desk where they told us that could get us to Dublin today (yay!!) from Istanbul. They gave us a voucher for coffee and pastries to compensate us for the delay and drastic change in plans. The flight wasn't leaving until 9:50 and it was only 4 so we headed over to the coffee place to take advantage of the free food.
My father, who had stayed with us while we waited in line and had coffee, wished us the best of luck and headed home to wake the boys up for school.
The check in desk finally opened, we checked in our bags, grabbed our tickets and headed to security which only took half an hour. We wandered through Duty Free for a while before finding our gate and grabbing some seats to chill on. Now we're sitting here waiting to board, it should be any minute now!

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