Saturday, October 19, 2013

Wiggly Wiggly

We made it home from Frankfurt early Wednesday morning. After making a racket with our suitcases and waking up half the neighborhood we decided that it was time for bed.
When we awoke a few hours later it was business as usual, The Dibble and Frank went to school and mounds of laundry needed to be sorted through. 
At 3ish Lori&co showed up, we regaled them with tales and showered them with presents. I started to get hungry and went to scavenge for food but was not overly successful so we decided that a trip to the grocery store was in order.
Lori&co needed some things as well so we all headed over to shufersal for an adventure. Lori , Z and my parents tried to shop as Buzz and I ran amok through the isles. I helped Lori do self checkout (mainly because I love pressing all the buttons), I waved goodbye as they left the store and then headed back to the produce section to annoy my parents. Back at their car, Lori&co had offered to give a lift to a neighbor that lives a few blocks over from us. They piled into the car and began their drive when the neighbor said "wait! I thought I saw your sister in the store with you...?" Lori replied that I had in fact been in the store with them and then continued to stare out the window as if everything was fine. The neighbor looked slightly confused and asked "but why are you leaving her there?". Lori thought about it for a minute before realizing that the neighbor hadn't seen our parents and therefore thought that they were abandoning me in the supermarket. She laughed and then explained the that my parents were still there and that they would drive me home. The neighbor nodded and let out a sigh of relief before turning back to the window.

Thursday was a busy day. In the morning my parents and I went up to the rama so that I could pick out a new bed. The bed that I'm currently sleeping on is a kids bed that we had made when we first bought our house in bet shemesh which was originally intended to be a vacation home. Everyone else grew out of their beds and got upgraded to sapapas (sort of like a sofa bed) but being the shorty of the house it never seemed worth it to buy me a new bed until Freddie asked if we could move it to their new apartment for The Little Munchkin to sleep on. 
I tried out a bunch of mattresses before settling on a nice one that promises to make you feel like "you're sleeping in another world". I'm not sure which world it's supposed to be taking me to but it seemed pretty comfy so I suppose I'll just sort of go with it...
When we got home I ate some lunch and then headed out to Jerusalem to meet my friend Sea. 
Sea started university this past Sunday (woooo) we went to the central bus station to change her bus card to a student card (because students get a discount). We went in and looked at the number on her ticket, 956. We looked up at the sign next to the door, the number 526 stared back at us. This was gonna take a while. We left the central bus station and walked around for an hour, when we checked the screen again it had moved up to 620. Dejected, we went to the food court and got some fries to snack on. We found a bench to sit on in a more or less secluded area and waited another hour and a half before heading back to the office. This time the number was at 915, we were so close! Another 40 minutes went by before her number came up. We pushed through the mob at the doorway and sat down by the desk. Changing the card took a whopping 5 minutes and we pushed our way out and then left the bus station. 
Sea walked me to my stop and waited for the bus to come before crossing the street to catch her bus. The ride took a while but I put my headphones in and drifted off for most of the ride.

Friday was full of cooking, shouting and cleaning. Dinner was simple (soup and stew) but delicious. The Crazy Lady and I were both still recovering from our adventures and decided to go to bed early.
Today was fun,we had a quiet lunch and I walked over to Lori's in the late afternoon.

Tomorrow I'm going to visit the Freddie's and hang out with The Little Munchkin. They moved into their new apartment while I was away so I'm pretty excited to check it out. 

Updates and stuffs: I know I missed out a couple of days due to lack of internet access. I'm working on filling them in! I added photos to some of the posts and uploaded a post for October 10th. Hopefully I'll have it all filled in by the end of the week so don't forget to keep checking back for updates!

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