Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Exploring Dublin

This morning was a little strange. We woke up and tried to make do without our face wash, shampoo,conditioner and brushes. I found a comb in my bag so we both showered using the complementary bottle of shampoo that we found in the bathroom.
After a filling breakfast of eggs and potatoes we decided to head out to explore Dublin. The Crazy Lady let me lead the way despite the fact that I have a pretty bad sense of direction along with a talent for getting lost when walking in a straight line.

I led us around in circles until we found a sign pointing in the direction of Trinity College, it seemed like a good place to go so we headed off in that direction. They actually have loads of signs along the way pointing the way to various tourist attractions, so we managed to get there without getting lost.

The campus is huge! We wandered around for a while staring at the impressive buildings and watching students run back and forth between classes.

Eventually we decided that it was time to go so we wandered back into town. We walked along  the main street and went into a bunch of the stores to escape the steady drizzle.
We recognized one of the side streets and started making our way back to our apartment. There was a big supermarket along the way, we stopped in to stock up on some much needed groceries.
We made it back to the apartment just in time for lunch and eagerly logged into gmail to see if there was any news about our suitcases. Lunch was delicious but there was no news from the airline so we decided to head down the street to use the phone by the reception.
We walked into the building feeling disheartened about the fact that we were out of clean clothes and asked the receptionist if we could use the phone. The receptionist listened as we explained our plight, his eyes lit up when he heard the word "luggage". He excitedly pointed behind the desk and told us that they had arrived a few minutes earlier. We thanked him for signing for them and dragged them back to our apartment.
We hung out at the apartment for a couple of hours and then went out again to make some new friends.
He's a bit taller than the average leprechaun... 
The leprechaun museum was awesome! There were two other people with us so it was almost like a private tour. The tour guide was super friendly and a great story teller, he taught us all about Irish folklore and explained where a lot of the stories originated from. We walked through a "magic" tunnel which led to underneath the giants causeway and then straight into a giants house. We clambered onto a ginormous chair before heading through a rainbow and into the forest.
After the forest came the gift shop, we said goodbye to Noel (the tour guide) and headed back out onto the street.
We wandered around for a while longer before heading back to the apartment to make dinner. I'm pretty exhausted so I think it's time for bed. Don't worry though, we'll have more adventures for you tomorrow!

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