Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Aran Islands

On Thursday we decided to set out to the Aran Islands which are a 30 minute boat ride away from the Doolin pier. The boat was on the smaller side and by the time we got on the seats outside were full. We sat down on the benches inside and waited for the boat to start moving.

The ride started out fine but after fifteen minutes or so I started to feel a bit queasy. I looked outside and noticed an empty bench, I staggered over to it and sat down. It was a relief to be in the fresh air but I couldn't help but wonder why the bench had been abandoned. The reason soon became apparent when the boat lurched and I was treated to a refreshing spray torrential downpour of ocean water. The Crazy Lady gave me a slightly horrified look before collapsing into a fit of giggles. The rest of the boat ride passed by with me clinging to the railing trying not to barf while the rowdy group of guys next to me sang drinking songs in a foreign language with much enthusiasm.

The boat ride eventually came to end and we stepped off the boat and onto the island. I found a bench and sat down on it, waiting for the ground to stop wobbling under my feet. Meanwhile,  The Crazy Lady made arrangements for one of the locals to take us on a tour of the island in his horse drawn cart.

We saw the Galway Boat Wreck, the islands lake and the ruins of a castle before being dropped off outside of the islands pub.

The pub was cute and warm, we sat there for a while and had some tea to escape the harsh winds outside. Before we left the pub we asked the bartender for suggestions on what else we should see while on the island.
Bartender: Have you seen the boat wreck?
Us: Ya.
Bartender: Have you seen the lake?
Us: Uh, ya.
Bartender: Castle ruins?
Us: Yep.
Bartender: Well then, you're all set. :)
Us: Eh?
Bartender: Hahahaha! You girls have seen everything.
Us: Oh. Uhh, bye then!
Bartender: Bye!

Armed with our new information we set off to find somewhere to eat our lunch.We found some rocks overlooking the ocean and sat down to eat. The strong winds whisked away a bunch of our lettuce but lunch was otherwise enjoyable.
We walked back to the docks and got on a boat to take us back to Doolin via the Cliffs Of Moher (which added another hour and half to the journey). The boat ride back was much more enjoyable, I didn't get seasick and the cliffs were pretty cool.
The rowdy bunch that had been on the boat with us on the way to the islands resumed their drinking songs and everyone seemed to enjoy the ride (and entertainment).

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