Thursday, October 24, 2013

Imaginary Friends

Election day turned out to be more fun than I thought it would be. After we voted, Timmy and I met up with Lori&co at the park on the hill. Lori brought her big fancy camera and let me play around with it for a while. I'm not exactly an expert (ok so a lot of the photos were way over exposed and I sometimes forget to take off the lens cap) but I managed to get some pretty nice shots.

I may not be an expert photographer but I'm good at photobombing. :)
 We all ran around the park like lunatics until we got tired and then headed back to the fambily house for some dinner. I made crockpot pineapple chicken which tasted pretty good (despite the fact that I forgot to cut the chicken breasts into slices before cooking it). It started to get late and Buzzy was getting sleepy so we said goodbye to Lori&co and everyone headed to bed.

Wednesday morning Lori and Z dropped Buzz off and went out to run some errands. Buzzy watched The Aristocats with The Crazy Lady while I made some vegetable soup for lunch.
Lori&co came to pick Buzzy up and I decided to try and finish organizing my room. I moved some of the furniture around and then The Mad Man and Z helped me hang up some hooks for my coats. I also went through all of my old high school notes and managed to clear off a couple of shelves.It took most of the afternoon but I think that it was worth it. The room looks much bigger now and I was able to put away a lot of books that had been living on my desk.
Lori&co stayed for dinner again, we enjoyed some delicious meatballs and spaghetti.

Late last night one of the outdoor cats (Passi) passed away. She was a cat whose nine lives served her well and long. Honestly, she hasn't been looking so great since last winter and I'm relieved that she's not in pain anymore. She's hanging out up in kitty heaven now eating "meals on wheels" and chatting with her old friends.
Frank and The Mad Man laid her to rest in a nice spot under the pomelo tree in the backyard.

After the "service" for the cat, The Crazy Lady and I did some gardening work on the roof. The plants needed a little help after our two week vacation. Weeds were pulled and plants were trimmed. I pretended to plant some cherry tomatoes but I'm not sure if they'll actually grow (I didn't actually sprout the seeds or anything, just stuck them in some dirt and hoped for the best...).
Grocery shopping was next on the list so The Crazy Lady and I headed over to Shufersal to find some chickens for shabbos. We didn't need much so it didn't take us long to get back home.
We made some FF pizza for lunch and then I went up to my tower to get some stuff done.

I noticed a spider on my wall and spent twenty minutes or so suspiciously eyeing it. As I worked I sort of got used to the little critter. I named him Greg and made sure to check on him every once in a while. After a while it became evident that good ol' Greg wasn't moving around very much. I thought that he might be taking a nap but upon further investigation I discovered that Greg was not a spider, but a scratch from when they were taking apart my old bed.
I figured that I had probably been staring at the computer screen for too long so I got up and went to walk the dog.
It's almost time for dinner so I should probably go help The Crazy Lady out. The Freddies are coming for shabbos and Lori&co are supposed to be coming for lunch. It's gonna be a full house!!

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