Friday, November 1, 2013


Hanging out with the Freddie's is always fun. Freddie didn't start working until 10am on Thursday so we walked The Little Munchkin to gan together and then hung out until it was time for Freddie to go. A couple of TV episodes later, it was time to pick The Little Munchkin up from gan. I grabbed the handy dandy map that Freddie had drawn for me (because I have a horrible sense of direction and a knack for getting lost when walking in a straight line) and headed out to find the gan. The map was very detailed and I made it without getting lost. The Little Munchkin was a bit reluctant to leave the party but I coaxed her with pretzels and tea biscuits until she caved.

By the time we got home The Little Munchkin was feeling pretty good about her decision to let me take her home. We went in and made some lunch, salad with tuna for me and a toast for The Munchkin. We sat on the couch eating our lunch and watching Curious George.
The Munchkin started to get sleepy so I put her in for a nap. I watched some more TV and pretended to study for a while. Finally The Little Munchkin woke up and I had someone to play with.

We ate some more snacks and watched more Curious George until Freddie came home.
The Crazy Lady and The Mad Man had an errand to run in Rishon so they decided to stop by the Freddie's to drop off the last pieces of the bed and to pick me up.
We sat around and talked for a while before hauling the bed pieces upstairs. The Little Munchkin started to get tired so we said good night and headed back to the sun house.

The new pump for the pond arrived yesterday. The Crazy Lady and The Mad Man cleaned out the pond and switched the pumps. They put the sole survivor back into the pond but he looked kind of lonely so The Crazy Lady and I went to the pet store this morning and picked out some new friends for him. We dropped the new fish into the pond and so far they seem pretty happy (and nobody went belly up). The survivor seems excited about his new friends so I suppose it's a happy ending. :)

Yesterday was Halloween. We don't celebrate it but I made some themed donuts for shabbos anyways.

It's been raining and thundering all afternoon so The Crazy Lady decided to put up some chulent for lunch tomorrow. I personally love the winter so I'm pretty excited about the drastic change in the weather.
Have a great shabbos and stay dry! :)

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