Saturday, November 9, 2013

Monopoly- Go Bankrupt Or Go Home (so lifelike, you'll forget it's not reality).

The Crazy Lady put a roast up to cook friday morning and it spent all day sitting in the crockpot smelling delicious. We devoured it for dinner and went to sleep nice and early.

Lunch was super quiet, The Dibble ate at a friends house and Frank was "too tired" to join us. The Crazy Lady, The Mad Man and I enjoyed our meal and then I walked over to Lori's.

Lori and Z seemed relieved to see me. We decided to look through the game box to find something fun to play. For some inexplicable reason, I thought that monopoly would be fun. Z decided that we should play "by the rules" in hopes that the game would go by faster. The rules stated that if you landed on a property and decided not to by it, the property was put up for auction to be claimed by the highest bidder. Playing by the rules also meant that there was no "free parking" or any other of the house rules that we made up to keep extra money floating around.

We began the game with gusto, excited to see how the new rules would pan out. Z was determined not to let anyone get a monopoly and spent the first few rounds outbidding Lori and I until he had acquired at least one street from each city. By the fifth round or so he began to run out of money and regret his strategy. Lori managed to buy a nice amount of properties while I spent most of my time in jail. I finally got a few properties (including some railroads) and started raking in the cash.

Lori built houses on the boardwalk and I somehow managed to land on it almost every time that I passed that section of the board. Z kept landing on my properties and eventually resorted to paying me with his mortgaged properties.  Z was out, but the war waged on.

Lori and I spent an hour handing our money back and forth as we landed on each others properties. Finally we decided to call it quits and count our money to see who the winner was.
Due to the fact that Z had handed over all of his properties without auctioning them off, it was hard to determine a winner.  After much thought and deliberation, we decided that it was a draw.

I raided the fridge and found some leftovers to eat for dinner (mmmmm, stew). Z is trying to Buzzy to sleep and then we might watch a movie. It's fun when shabbos ends early :)

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