Thursday, November 14, 2013

Late Night Shenanigans

Last night I went to meet up with my friends Em and Sea. Em had a car with her so she picked Sea and I up from the bus stop and decided to drive us somewhere (preferably a place with free parking). The one flaw in her plan was that we weren't sure where exactly somewhere was.
We drove around for a while and then headed in the general direction of emek. On the way we passed by another friends apartment and thought it would be funny to try and kidnap her. We pulled up in front of her building and called to check if she was home. We were in luck, she had just finished eating dinner. After a very cryptic phone call, we persuaded her to come outside where we were waiting. She was happy to see us and said that she would be glad to join us on our adventure.
After we had clambered back into the car we headed towards emek (again). Turns out there wasn't much in the way of parking, we finally found a spot (possibly an illegal one) and parked the car.
Em and Sea hadn't eaten dinner so we decided to check out a couple of restaurants to see what they had to offer. Apparently the thing they had in common was astronomical prices so we got back into the car and decided to go to the shuk to find some food.
Surprise surprise,  parking at the shuk was even more sparse than parking on emek. After driving around in a couple of circles we managed to find a spot.
We wandered into the night life of the shuk (which is actually quite nice) and headed for a pasta place that Em and Sea love.
After the meal we headed back to the car where Em insisted on driving me down the block to my bus stop before driving everyone else home. Being that Em is overly persuasive, I caved and got in the car (which turned out to be a good thing). My bus pulled in just as she was pulling up to the stop, I said my good byes and then hopped out of the car and onto my bus.
It was pretty late at this point so there wasn't much in the way of traffic, I made it home about forty minutes later.

All in all, I'm not entirely sure what we did last night but it was nice to see my friends. Hopefully I'll get to see them again sometime soon!

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