Saturday, November 30, 2013

Tiny Cake

Shabbos was short but fun. Freddie and The Munchkin stayed in the sunhouse for shabbos and the Nemdy's walked over for both of the meals.

Dinner was festive, we had latkas with our roast and enjoyed a nice wine that a neighbor had brought over. The wine was supposedly very fancy, it smelled of oak and tasted like raisins (with some prunes thrown in for good measure). I didn't particularly enjoy it but my father seemed to think that it was "very nice".

Somebody got into the moose before it was served (some parties claim that it was me but I'm maintaining the whole "innocent until proven guilty" thing..) and the tiny cake that Lori brought was a big hit.

Timmy tried a new tea for desert, Lori sniffed the outside and said that it smelled nice. We spent the next few minutes passing it around so that everyone could get a whiff. As it was being passed around someone asked the question that we were all thinking "Why am I sniffing a teabag wrapper?". There was some mumbling shrugging  from the side of the table where the tea bag had originated and and then everyone resumed their cake eating with much enthusiasm.

Lunch was nice, we decided to have chalavie and had ice cream Sundays Saturdays for dessert.
I spent most of the afternoon hiding in my room reading my book. When I went back down to join the party I saw that it was snack time.

The Crazy Lady wanted to share some snacks with Buzzy but Oscar was determined to show Buzzy that "sharing is caring". The Crazy Lady tried in vain to keep the dog from eating the snacks but clearly underestimated his unwavering sense of determination.

She eventually managed to keep all parties happy by putting some of the snacks on the couch for Buzzy to eat while feeding some snacks to Oscar as far away from the couch as possible. Satisfied from his snack, Oscar went off in search of a quiet place to sleep. The rest of the afternoon passed by quickly and suddenly it was time to say havdalah.

It's the fourth night of chanukah and I can already smell the obligatory latkas being made.
Excuse me while I see to it that some of them mysteriously disappear.....

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